The Teixeira family offers quality, conscientious care of horses at their boarding and training facility.

I have had the pleasure of keeping horses there for a variety of reasons; training with Carmen, self board or full board for winter riding and lessons, stall rehab after surgery, barn exposure and training of my own horses. All have been great experiences that cultivated lifelong friendships as well. These are truly great people who love the horses in their care as if they were their own.

The atmosphere is inclusive and energetic yet relaxed and fun. Horsmanship, horse husbandry and safety are at the forefront on a daily basis. Carmen works closely with the local vets and has great relationships there, where she is respected and value. As a trainer, coach and barn manager Carmen is very approachable, professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive.

I look forward to the next time I have a horse up there! We always have a lot of laughs and great rides and I sleep easy knowing my horse is well looked after.

Kristi Kalke
Salmon Arm, BC